Fight City     -     White    -     The Factory Theatre, director Jill Oliver

One Boppa    -     Andi    -     Curious Theatre Branch, director Matt Rieger

The Last Big Mistake -     Lola understudy    -     The Factory Theatre, director Manny Tamayo

Lysistrata     -     Lampito    -     The Side Project, director Charlie McGrath

NK haz nklr bom!     -     Ashley    -     The Side Project, Tail Eats Snake Festival, director Adam Webster

These Things     -     Albella    -     The Side Project, Tail Eats Snake Festival, director Brian Ruby

Twin Set     -     Marnie    -     The Side Project, director Heather Bodie

Patchwork Drifter     -     Emmy    -     Babes With Blades, director Leigh Barrett

Push Button Murder     -     Becky    -     The Side Project, director Ronan Marra

Hello Failure     -     Valeska    -     The Side Project, director Adam Webster

Ithaka     -     Lanie    -     InFusion Theatre Company, director Mitch Golob

Tree of Life     -     Elle     -     RhinoFest, director Nathan Robbel

Beautiful Ugly      -     Woman     -     RhinoFest, director Adam Webster

Dave, From the Party     -     Charlotte     -     RhinoFest, director Amy Szerlong

It Comes In      -     Coyote     -     The Side Project, director Michael Manocchio

Fight Girl Battle World      -     Mikah Monoch     -     InFusion Theatre Company, director Mitch Golob

Brewed     -     Nannette     -     The Ruckus and Tympanic Theatre Company, director Anna C. Bahow

The Iron Stag King     -     Kathryn Grey     -     The House Theatre, director Nathan Allen

Rough Magic     -     Sasia     -     Theatre For People Who Need It, director Justin Verstraete

Joan’s Laughter    -     Joan of Arc     -     The Side Project, director Cecilie Keenan

Cyrano     -     Fighter     -     The House Theatre, director Matt Hawkins

Birthday     -     Leila     -     The Side Project, director Adam Webster

Aelita     -     Aelita     -     Dream Theatre Company, director Anna Weiler Meneskeglou

Crimes of the Heart     -      Meg     -      The Grounded Theatre, director David Lightner

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf     -     Honey     -     The Grounded Theatre, director Rebekah Skallet

 The Glory of Living     -     Angie     -     Profiles Theatre, director Carla Russell


Advanced Scene Study, Profiles Theatre, Darrell Cox, Erica Daniels

BA in Theatre, BA in Mass Communications, Louisiana State University

Ballet I, Old Town School of Folk Music

Commercial Workshop, Act One Studios, JoAnne Sylvestrak, Jane Heitz

Ear Prompter, Act One Studios, Anne Jacques

Exeter University, England, one year of theatre education

Improv Olympic – Level 3, Craig Urhil, Susan Messing, Jason Shotts

Industrial Film, Act One Studios, Anne Jacques

Movement Workshop, Tom O’Connor

Stage Combat Workshop, Tony Wolf, Babes with Blades


Meredith Rae Lyons as Mikah Monoch in InFusion Theatre Company's Fight Girl Battle World