Greek Inspired Quinoa Salad, great meal plan standard

Several years ago, Dean and I did a sugar cleanse.  It was only two weeks, fourteen days, and right after New Years, so we were ready for a detox, but man was it challenging.  I felt amazing and slept great, but not only was it tough to give up wine and anything in my coffee, but shopping for sugarless (REAL sugarless) groceries is pretty expensive.  

What we learned from the cleanse was that yes, sugar in your diet does make a difference and yes, we got better at reading labels.  We also got a few recipes we enjoyed that were healthy and sugar free!  The one thing I insisted that we keep going was a weekly meal plan.  Not only did it make sticking to a healthy diet easier, but we discovered that we really enjoyed cooking with each other.

We have a few staple recipes that we use often for lunches and this modified Greek Quinoa Salad is one of our favorites.  If you’re not a vegetarian, you can use chicken instead of tofu and if you aren't trying to avoid oil, you can use olive oil in your dressing, but we both actually liked the dressing better when I took the oil out.

We divide this recipe up into six and get three lunches a week out of it.  (You can always divide it differently if you like a bigger serving, or just put it in a single container and dish out what you need.)

Meredith LyonsComment