Moving Out of State... really fast...

Let me just state for the record, that my mother in law has been amazing in helping us with our crazy rapid move.  I’m writing this on Tuesday night, having a spare hour between classes at work. I should be studying for my PT Cert, but I know that I most likely won’t get another chance.

The plan is that we throw as much of my things as we can into my MIL’s car, tie the bike to the bike rack on the back, and head to Nashville on Thursday morning. I have decided to cancel my haircut.  :’( There’s just not enough time. I even tried to get it scheduled for when I come back, but she’s not working that day. I guess I’ll have to find someone in Nashville. Perhaps it’s for the best. Although my hair is driving me crazy right now.

I’m hoping to move in on Thursday, which was the conversation that I had with the woman who showed us our place.  She said that there was definitely a place ready for us and that we actually would get money off for moving in on the 28th as they were running a special.  Our application was accepted and approved and since then I haven’t been able to get anyone on the phone. I suppose that I’ll put Dean on the call train tomorrow as he has the day off.

After that, I’ll start work on Friday.  Start getting settled. I’ve already looked into places to run (you know me) so I’ll test that out on Saturday.  I’ll also start working on getting my NASM CPT Cert. There’s a lot to do!

Dean will begin packing (again, with his awesome mom’s help) the rest of the place and get ready for the big move on the following weekend.  When he gets down, he’ll swap with me for the air mattress/real bed and head back to Chicago with bare essentials for his last week of work. I will drive up on March 16th (either with a car borrowed from my mom or one of our own if we have found one by then) to do any final touch ups on the condo, then do our going away party (where ever that ends up being) crash our on the air mattress one last time, then driving back down to Nashville for the final time.

It’s been interesting.  I have had to say goodbye to a lot of people, but it’s all been so fast.  I haven`t had a chance to process it. I`m sure the missing will hit me in about two weeks.  Once everything is settled.

If you asked for my contact info, I was serious when I asked you to please stay in touch.  Please stay in touch. I love all of your ideas. And for those who asked, I will eventually try to get some videos online.  I just have to figure out music licensing. But I'm working on it!

Wednesday afternoon update.  I was originally meeting with Allison at this time, but her car is stuck in the garage and she’s trying to get it out.  I’ll use the time to get some writing done.

We did finally hear from the leasing office this morning.  (I called the minute they opened.) Apparently it was her day off Tuesday.  I got things moving before I left for work this morning and Dean has since been liaising with the leasing office, getting them whatever documents they need, setting up utilities, etc.  Thank goodness he had the day off today. Once again, things are working out! And fortunately, we were able to sign the lease electronically. I had Dean print it off and read it over because I had to sign it through my phone between classes and it was too tiny to read.

“This is all very well and good for you two,” I’m sure you’re thinking, “but what about Jake?  Where is Jake in all of this hooplah?” Jake is going to stay with Dean for now. I think it would be better for him to stay with most of our things.  He will most likely be worried when he sees things getting boxed up, but hopefully will be relieved when Dean boxes him up too. Next weekend, Dean, with the help of his family, will pack up the rest of the place, and Jake and bring it down to Nashville.  I am hoping that Jake will be relieved enough to be with all of the things that he won’t be too upset when I leave a week later for one day and night to do the goodbye party.

It’s been crazy.  And exciting and a little sad.  But mostly really positive. Yes, it’s been really difficult to say goodbye to my students and clients.  I had built a nice little schedule up and genuinely loved seeing all of them each week, sometimes several times a week.  I know I will meet new people and love them as well. Goodbyes are still difficult. I do hope everyone keeps in touch.

This may be a bare bones post.  By Friday (when this publishes) I’ll be in Nashville and working most of the day.  I will try and get this posted before work, but there may be no pictures.  Hopefully I will have more exciting things to post about next week beyond moving and logistics.  :-)

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