Spring is a real thing...

Dean and I are continuing to get settled in Nashville. It’s taking longer than expected, largely due to circumstances beyond our control. I’ve mentioned in a few other entries that we’re learning and growing through this experience, but I don’t think I’ve yet given credit to the fact that we’ve been able to handle what we’ve been through due to the learning and growing that we have already done.

Fantastic double rainbow.

Fantastic double rainbow.

In the past two months, Dean and I have spent more time together than probably any other period during our marriage. A lot of it has been stressful time, where things were going wrong in a city that neither of us was familiar with, and knew next to no one. Of course we had some disagreements and tense moments along the way, but for the most part, we approached everything as a united front and a team. We supported each other and gave each other encouragement. We still really like each other and like hanging out with each other! I think a lot of that has to do with the foundation we build in the past seven years of dating and marriage. So, go team Lyver!

Things move a little more slowly in Nashville. It’s taken some time for both of us to get used to that. I, in particular, moved down here ready to tear it up and get shit started. Obviously, there were obstacles in the way of this. Prior to my move, I asked a friend for some advice. She had moved herself and I wanted some guidance on re-establishing my fitness business in a new city. She gave some great advice, but one of the last things she said to me was, “I know you want to get down there and just jump into teaching but… give yourself some time.” I remember thinking that it was probably good advice and I should probably listen to her but… Fill in the blank there. I always had a ‘but’ at the ready.

There is a part of me that wonders if the universe threw up a couple of road blocks so that I would be forced to slow down and give myself some time. I do have two certifications that I am studying for and I did immediately start a part time job. I’m enjoying both. I feel challenged and stimulated. I am, of course, still working on getting back into group teaching and my own private training. I have started writing again.

The house is starting to feel more like home. We’ve started meal prepping and meal planning again. We’ve taken an honest look at our health and made some goals to get on track. I’m getting used to having a car.

We’ve still got adjusting to do, but it’s starting to feel like we’ve got a little traction now.