We live here now

This week hasn’t been an easy one, but for a change, it was dealing with ‘normal’ things rather than ridiculous tragedy or cloying grief. It’s been almost fun in comparison!

Dean during a lunch break in the Arcade. I stopped by to say hi.

Dean during a lunch break in the Arcade. I stopped by to say hi.

Dean started work at his new job this week, which has been a welcome change for both of us. Not only is there money coming in, but Dean’s job is a more regular daily schedule than mine, so it’s gotten us both on more of an even routine. Dean gets to interact with people aside from me, and I get some time to myself at home. Not that we don’t enjoy each other’s company, but Dean is an extrovert and I’m an introvert, so he’s needed stimulation from other people just as I’ve been craving a little less stimulation at times.

Dean works two blocks away from me, so he’s able to use my parking space, and if the weather should be bad and we both need to take the car in, no big deal other than some different work hours. Dean can also stop by and say hi during his lunch if he likes, which is kind of fun. Once we’re a little more caught up financially, I’m sure we can plan some downtown post-work dates. I look forward to that.

We’ve started trying to get our health on track. I gained about five pounds of stress that I’d like to get rid of and Dean has his own weight loss goal. (I won’t disclose it here, as I’m not sure how he would feel about it, although most likely he wouldn’t care.) Dean’s trying intermittent fasting. Although I’m not fasting (I get BAD low blood sugar crashes if I skip meals) I’ve been limiting dinner to a bowl of soup or some veggies and hummus (dinner is the meal Dean skips) in support and it’s cut back on snacking for both of us. It’s been a little over a week, Dean’s lost almost five pounds, I’ve lost half a pound. C’est la vie.

I’m making a little headway with another gym here. More on that if there ends up being more headway. I’m still pushing through my certifications. I think the next continuing ed course I take, I would like to be live. I really enjoy learning, but there’s only so much online studying that I can cram in.

Two cardinals that visit us every morning. I call them Drax and Ovette. They live here. Just like us.

Two cardinals that visit us every morning. I call them Drax and Ovette. They live here. Just like us.

We’ve done things this week like start to hang pictures, move decorations around, etc. I’ve made files for our new bank info. I made a dentist appointment. (I was supposed to go in March.) We’ve started thinking about getting things for Jake. Like an actual cat-food storage container instead of just a cleaned out, plastic Tidy Cat’s tub. We’re still following up with insurance about reimbursement for fire damage. It’s a slow process, but it IS progressing.

It feels nice. It feels nice to have the head-space for these mundane things. To be out of reactionary survival mode and be putting things in motion again. Even struggles with training my gym’s housekeeper, making an appointment to fix the car’s windshield (rock) and putting in a work order for a new screen door because Dean walked right through it, seem … right?

Writing feels good again. Taking pictures feels fun again. I’m starting to recognize myself in the mirror again. I’ve gone DAYS without crying. I’ve got a race coming up in June.

Every now and then, I stop and realize, “I live here now.” I have a Tennessee address, drivers license, license plates, job, etc. We really did it. We live here now.

And things aren’t always on fire!

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