The amazing cashew and how I made cheese out of it.

I LOVE continuing education.  If I could be paid to be in school and constantly learning, that's the job I would have.  Fortunately for me (unfortunately for my bank account) there are tons of opportunities for continuing education with reputable and amazing presenters in the Chicago-land area.  

The first week of March 2017, I became pescatarian following one of these events.  I saw a presentation by Bruce and Mindy Mylrea that was well researched, annotated and very convincingly presented that contained a lot of information about acid load on the kidneys and what animal products actually do to our bodies.  There was also a lot in there about the sustainability of farming and such.  (I am an environmentalist and can't wait until I have the space to compost... difficult on the third floor in Chicago... so this hit home with me.)

I couldn't give up fish, I'm from New Orleans, I didn't want to be disowned by my family (or divorced by my husband) and ... I really like fish.  But I already ate very little read meat and giving up chicken was something I could see happening.  I decided to try it.  I gave up dairy as well.  

Except for cheese.  

Man, cheese is good.  I tried to limit it and I could totally tell the difference in my digestion on the days that I did have it.  Then one day I went to a Farmer's Market.  There was a vegan tent.  She had cashew cheese.  I tried it.  It was AMAZING.  We bought some.  It was EXPENSIVE.

I started doing some research and eventually began making my own.  I got good enough at it that I could just do it by rote.  I made it for parties, just for friends, for whenever.  People loved it.  Cheese eaters loved it.  So I put it online.  

If you're trying to cut cholesterol, if you're trying to give up dairy, or just want a healthier cheese spread option with more protein and less fat, here you go.  I hope you enjoy.

Meredith LyonsComment