Making hummus spicy and oil free!

I've always loved hummus.  I used to go through two tubs of Sabra a week.  I dabbled with different recipes but was never able to make something that I liked more than what I could get in the store (and made enough so that it justified the expense of making it versus buying it.  

This is my favorite recipe to date!  I make it just about once a week and it makes a big bowl.  I've added hot sauce (you can use sriracha if you're not trying to avoid sugar or additives) and fresh ginger.  I LOVE ginger and I throw in a lot, but you can use less.  Every now and again I play with throwing artichoke in if I have it, or different spices, but the basic recipe has never done me wrong.

It's a hit at parties, even among my carnivore friends, and it's something I can now whip up pretty quickly on short notice.  I keep a can of chickpeas (low sodium) on hand and usually I just have to run out for some ginger.

Check out the video to see a quick and dirty, no frills, no make up way to put it all together!

Meredith LyonsComment