Healthy from the inside out

I'm passionate about wellness!  Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I teach fitness, yoga, boxing and kickboxing.  I'm also an actor, a runner, a cyclist and a lover of nature and the outdoors.  I like to enjoy food and fun with family and friends.  If I can do all of that and become healthier, happier and help bring others to their healthiest and happiest as well, I'm complete.  I started this blog to store all of my healthy recipes that friends have been asking for and we'll see where it goes from there! (All content and photos are mine, do not use without permission. Thanks!)

Making hummus spicy and oil free!

I've always loved hummus.  I used to go through two tubs of Sabra a week.  I dabbled with different recipes but was never able to make something that I liked more than what I could get in the store (and made enough so that it justified the expense of making it versus buying it.  

This is my favorite recipe to date!  I make it just about once a week and it makes a big bowl.  I've added hot sauce (you can use sriracha if you're not trying to avoid sugar or additives) and fresh ginger.  I LOVE ginger and I throw in a lot, but you can use less.  Every now and again I play with throwing artichoke in if I have it, or different spices, but the basic recipe has never done me wrong.

It's a hit at parties, even among my carnivore friends, and it's something I can now whip up pretty quickly on short notice.  I keep a can of chickpeas (low sodium) on hand and usually I just have to run out for some ginger.

Check out the video to see a quick and dirty, no frills, no make up way to put it all together!